Thodoris Bais – Alumnus


”My current assignment with Hermes | Partners is the one that makes me happy.”

Thodoris Bais is originally from Greece but now lives and works in the Netherlands for a reason. “I started working in IT while I was still a student. After a year, I foresaw that if I continued staying in the same routine, I would have no actual development, neither as a professional, nor as a human being. I took a deep breath and decided to move to the Netherlands to see how much such a challenge could change me, in both aspects.”

Thodoris works in the Market Risk Management (MRM) sector of ING as a Java Developer. He is working on a Risk Reporting Application. This application receives data from different systems. Data recieved from the source systems are sliced and diced by users for analysis. They use third party software called “ActivePivot”.

Experience with Hermes | Partners

Thodoris was not happy with his past role, so he updated his LinkedIn profile to “interested in new opportunities”. “My recruiter (and talentmanager) approached me with a promising opportunity for a bank. I usually don’t like working with recruiters in general, but the role was well-described and ING was one of the companies I wanted to work with ever since. So I arranged an initial appointment with my Talentmanager to learn more.”

The recruitment process was very smooth, Thodoris told us. “ I can describe it more as a “get-to-know” session for both sides, rather than an “interview”. My recruiter was very keen on answering all the questions I had regarding the procedure, the role and my future.”

“Hermes | Partners is a young and energetic company that helps young professionals boost a nice career path, by putting a lot of passion in coaching them.”


“My Talentmanager was always there when I needed her. No matter if it was about something that had to do with work, personal education or the Netherlands itself (because as a new expat, there are always new things coming up to your knowledge).”

“I was very happy for being able to attend trainings of my liking, which helped me develop my skills and evolve myself on the long-term scope of my career.”

To future Business – IT Young Professionals

“Generally, fresh graduates lack not only technical experience, but also experience in handling situations that might occur during work and require soft skills. Hermes | Partners also offers coaching for such situations. So after the Young Professional Program is done, your soft skills are also improved.”

Is there anything you would like to add ?

“Having already been in the software industry for 2 years, I have had the chance to work for 5 different vendors. Each one of them involved several different teams, individuals, processes, technologies and hierarchies, so, I can objectively state that my last assignment with Hermes | Partners was the one that made me happy. I definitely recommend it to everyone.”

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