Kevin McClintock – Alumnus


“Hermes | Partners is a young company that puts a lot of heart and passion in what they do.”

Kevin McClintock (27) has recently moved to the Netherlands. “I am originally from New Zealand but spent the last 14 months working in Australia as a junior .NET developer. I decided that I wanted to move to the Netherlands and reached out to Hermes | Partners via LinkedIn in regards to a position they had open. Currently I am a Junior Dev Engineer at ING.”

The recruitment process was very smooth, Kevin told us. He applied for the job from Australia and did most of the communication with the recruiter from Hermes | Partners via Email and Skype. He had many questions, since he did not live in the Netherlands, but they were all answered very quickly and thoroughly by our team.


“My Talentmanager is very helpful. Not being from here I ask her a lot, not always work related, but they were all answered and have helped me a lot. My Talent Manager also organizes meet ups where we discuss how things are currently going. During these meetings she puts a lot of emphasis on my wellbeing at ING to make sure I am happy in my role.”

“I am very optimistic about the upcoming training and education possibilities. So far, I’ve done a couple of short courses with ING. What I have heard so far sounds very exciting and will hopefully help me become a more valuable asset to ING and Hermes | Partners.”

To future Business – IT Young Professionals 

“I would tell them it’s a great way to take your first steps into the professional world. For myself, I had already worked in the professional scene for nearly two years before taking this role and I am still getting a lot out of it.”

“Hermes | Partners is a young company that puts a lot of heart and passion in what they do.”

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