Hermes | Partners Referral Program

In our Hermes | Partners referral program, your network is worth a payout!

We have our network, and you have yours. And both are very important to us! Do you know anyone in your network who would be the ideal candidate for one of our vacancies or projects? Or are you the one to give us the lead that provides us with a new project? We would love to reward you in our Referral Program!

Supplying a suitable canidate (one who will actually start at one of our clients) or a lead that provides us with a project gives you the right to a referral bonus of gross € 1.000,-

Knowing how the referral program of Hermes | Partners works

There are two ways to introduce a ‘high potential’ to us:
1. Send us an email: name, phone number, email address, or resumé of new candidates in the field of Data & Development.
2. On our website, you can choose the option to ‘e-mail this vacancy’ to send a specific vacancy to someone you know. In this case, your reference needs to add your (full) name at the time of their application in the ‘remarks’ field, so we can register the application as a referral and entitle you to the referral bonus.

Conditions Referral Program Hermes | Partners

The candidate or lead must not be someone already in our own network and/or database. Furthermore, office employees of Hermes | Partners, excluding Young Professionals and project employees, are excluded from participation.

Help your network to a new job in our Referral Program!

Kom kennismaken met Hermes Partners via ons referral programma If you have any questions, please let us know via 030 –  711 5778 or

Are you curious to see if you can help someone you know to a new job? Look here for our vacancies!